Are you planning for a surf trip to the beach? Then, what is worrying you the most before setting out? If it is about safeguarding your surfboards, then you’ve reason to worry because in most cases knock into each other during travel tends to damage and dent surfboards. That you won’t want it is for sure, right?

Why don’t you buy good quality surfboard travel bag? A good make, shape, and quality surfboard travel bag can save your favorite surfboard. Find board size-wise surfboard bags available on the market today and they are so strongly constructed that you may forget willingly to take care of your boards. That will be done by the surfboard bags themselves.

Let’s explore a few surfboard travel bags on a leading online surf shop, where you can find them at the most reasonable rates.

Here is a surfboard travel bag, perfect for shortboards and travels by plane. Find the features of this bag below.

Product features:

  • .40in waterproof shock absorbing foam
  • One of the thickest surfboard travel bags
  • Outside skin made of 600D nylon
  • Heavy-duty full length nylon Zip (non-corrosive)
  • Load compression straps
  • Detachable shoulder strap and a day handle
  • Store up to five shortboards without fins or four shortboards
  • Storage of 3 shortboards with fins allowable
  • Ocean Earth: Quad Travel Surfboard Bag — Shortboard Sizes: 7’0″; 7’6″ and 8’0″
  • Ocean Earth: Quad Travel Surfboard Bag — Shortboard Colors: Black

Find here a slim fit surfboard bags which have become industry standard these days. The key to their surfboard travel bag success lies in the expandable sidewall. Its unique design allows excess material from the remainder of the cover to be trimmed away, reducing the overall size of the creatures surfboard bag by at least 20%.

Bag Features:

  • 10mm closed cell padding
  • Diamond-Tech fabric on both sides
  • Marine grade corrosion resistant nylon zipper
  • Creatures X-Flow air ventilation system
  • EVA reinforced padded carry handle with neoprene lining on the underside for added carrying comfort
  • An ergonomic mesh lined shoulder strap with 10mm internal padding

This slim surfboard travel bag offers incredible protection without all the bulk, VISIT: To top it off the Creatures of Leisure Slim Fit Surfboard Travel Bag is a 20% smaller Travel Bag, with a 12 month warranty that will blow your mind.

To find out many more surfboard travel bag, browse a popular online surf shop which has a wide lineup of surfboard travel bags.

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