I don’t care about ELLO

And you should as well.

Remember the launch of Google+? Diaspora?

There was a time when everyone was so excited about being on Google+ and Diaspora. Skyrocketing numbers, everyone trying to have an invite. Sounds familiar no? And despite the fact that the tools were pretty good, it never really worked. And even by forcing people to use it, still not. So why would Ello succeed?

Here is the main reasons that make me think that there’s no need to request an invite for Ello:

  • Ello is too similar to other social networks that people already use. For example, I use Facebook to share stuff with my friends, Instagram to share pictures, Twitter to be in touch with news and to swap with people, Tumblr when I want to share stuff that I like, Medium to write things. Why should I use Ello when I have platforms that already work perfectly for me?
  • Ello is not enough disruptive to change things like Snapchat did. It does not solve any problem like instant-messages app did.
  • There is already people that express concerns about Ello. Have a look to this article that reminds that Facebook was ad-free and had no data-mining at their start… And this other one that highlight the fact that they did a $435,000 round of seed funding from a VC firm and that the only exits for VCs are an IPO or an acquisition to make a profit.
  • Worldwide known companies have less than a thousand followers. Look at Netflix account: 985 followers. Wall Street Journal: 118 followers. The Independant: 271 followers. It seems really low when you know that there is 40K signups per hour… Why people should follow your brand on Ello when they are already doing it on Facebook and Twitter? Marketers should focus on being more effective on these social networks instead of wasting their time on Ello.

For me, Ello is going to be no more than another social network thrilled at short-term by the number of people requesting an invite but desperately empty and useless on long-term.