How I animate a simple UI using After Effects

Victor Berbel
Aug 28 · 3 min read

My workflow on how to animate a simple UI.

My primary tool of choice to animate UI is After Effects. I know there are other tools available such as:

  • Invision Studio
  • Principle
  • Flinto

But the one I feel most comfortable with and for the purpose that I’m creating these animations After Effects serves me very well.

Let's start with the design

I mostly make these animations for fun and the designs that I usually do are between jobs just to experiment with an idea that I had on my mind for a while.

I start by designing the first, second and last screens of the whole animation.

My Movies App

After I have the 3 main screens of the animation I start to design the in-between screens to have all the main frames of my animation done and with that, I can visualize in a better way what I’m aiming for.

My Movies App — All Screens

Exporting the assets

When I have my design done it’s time to export all the assets needed to be imported into After Effects.

Because I always use Figma for the design, I export all my vectors in SVG and them I open Illustrator to make them x2 and export again in .AI

All my assets for this animation

Let's animate

Whenever I’m animating something I always follow the principles from the Fibonacci numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 –) to have a more organic animation.

I usually start my animation on frame nº 8 so when you are seeing it gives you time to understand what’s going on.

After Effects CC

After I have all my animation done I export and upload to Dribbble.

Here's the final result:

Final Animation

You can see the animation in better quality here:

Final considerations

This quick article was not to teach you how to animate using After Effects.

I wrote this to explain how you can visualize a simple animation from start to finish. If you want to learn on how to animate UI I recommend

Thanks. :)

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Victor Berbel — UI/UX Designer —

Victor Berbel

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My name is Victor Berbel, I’m a designer based in Brazil. I’ve been working in the design industry for 10 years doing all kinds of digital projects.

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