3 Startups that got my attention at Food Innovation Summit

I’m always curious about what can we do to live healthier and eating better food is always on top of the list. So I went to meet the people who are dedicating their lives to this. Here are the best.

Wellio — AI to empower people to eat well.

Wellio empowers you to make your next home cooked meal easier and faster

Erik Andrejko https://www.linkedin.com/in/erik-andrejko-0900a51b/

Why it got my attention?

Because is able to suggest healthier ingredients for recipes. Imagine the impact on your health if you could keep your current eating habits but be able to have better ingredients for your meals at the same time. Ex: Keep eating hamburgers but have the ones with high protein and low fat/carbs. (an extreme example, you should not eat hamburgers every day :D )

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FoodPairing — Discover new flavor combinations in seconds.

All you have to do is select an ingredient. We’ll come up with the matches!

Johan Langenbick https://www.linkedin.com/in/johan-langenbick-8982b92/

Why it got my attention?

They can create new delicious tastes! Think about all the flavors you’ve tried since your childhood, all the memories linked to the taste and smell. Now, imagine you could taste something new, totally different than what you’ve tried until now. How amazing that new world will be for you, to feel something new. FoodPairing is using AI to create that world.

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Skipping Rocks Lab — developing Ooho! the edible water bottle.

We make packaging disappear

Why it got my attention?

Because of their approach to packaging. One of those companies that think from the first principles. Once in a while, is good to take a BIG step back and think about why we do certain things, then try to do something better.

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