Why I’ve Chosen Medium Over Everything Else

Blogging has been around for over 20 years. Blogging is the thing that everyone is passionate about these days. Why is it so essential to have a personal blog? Let’s jump into this topic together. 

Who am I? 

Hi, my name is Vic, and it’s my first time publishing something from my real name. The truth is it’s harder than you think. Actually, twice harder than you think. 😆 Being an online marketer, I create content on a daily basis, but it totally differs when you are doing it from a client’s side. The goals differ. The style differs. Everything differs. 

Here is the story. Having personal space where you can honestly share your thoughts with other people is essential. It’s how we, humans, are made. We are in need to share. That’s why social media are so popular. Facebook has almost 2 Billion people. 
But having a Facebook profile and personal blog isn’t the same. Do you agree?

WordPress Is the Most Popular CMS Worldwide

I’m loughing out loud inside myself everytime I see this headline. Every article with this headline is just another usual piece with irrelevant numbers.

74,652,825 sites out there are depending on good ol’ WordPress.

But how many websites are really used daily? How many websites have at least 100 visitors? Way less. On the other hand, it’s much better than drupal 😁
But beneath the numbers, there is a second reason why I won’t use WordPress in near future. 

I don’t know HTML and CSS enough to create something I would really like. And I’m not that type of guy to take already made design and put it on my website. I can’t do it. I have my own vision, and once I improve my skills, I will migrate to WordPress. Surely, you can tell me “just do it,” and learn in practice. That’s another story 😉
But as of now, Medium is just a perfect place. The design is 🔥, isn’t it?

There is also a third reason. As I said above, people create blogs to share their thoughts with other people. And, agree with me, Medium does this job the best. Write the post, make it beautiful, add the tags, and the chances are the post will be seen by at least 100 people 😄
Surely, I could use other platforms like Tumblr or Quora (yeah, there is a blog part). And once again, Medium wins the battle. I’ve never used tumblr, but it was the first social media I found out to have porn. I was young, and didn’t know that twitter had it as well, so I was a bit shocked 😳

Okay folks, I know that this post kinda sucks, but I tried to be honest with you. No marketing bullshit, no selling products, no asking for anything. Just one guy sharing his thoughts with the world. 

Writing is one of my New Year’s Resolution, and after two months I’m finally happy to have started. Despite the result, I will continue to write, because there is so much stuff I want to share with you, you can’t even imagine. Eventually, I will cover things I’m passionate about, like tech, productivity, entrepreneurship, freelancing and just stuff. I hope you to enjoy this very first article, and stay tuned for newcomers 😉

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