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I’ve used a few of these and this is just my opinion…

Apple Music: Used it when it first came out and loved that I could upload my music but canceled after year as I didn’t really like the UI and was mainly listening to independent artist which lead me to the next app.

Sound Cloud: If you like independent artist, then this is the service to use. As a DJ/Music Creator myself, it is great to upload your own music to share and connect with people. However since they rolled out a paid subscription service, it now has it’s limitations and ads.

Amazon Prime: Basic Prime Version is limited but subscribing to “Prime Unlimited” is great! Love that you can download to play offline and also upload some of your own music like Apple. The deal breaker wasn’t the lack of some albums but the radio stations

Pandora: Best Station playlist algorithm in my opinion to help discover new music. But is it worth the $5 a month? I recently stopped paying to go with something else.

Spotify: I think I’m doing things backwards here compared to others as I’ve used everything else first and now just started using Spotify. I wish I could get the best of all these services but ultimately this is the next best thing for me.First of all the Family Subscription is a no brainer for only $5 more a month that a regular premium subscription which YES other services also offer this(using with 4 fam members). Radio stations are awesome and read recently they have had an upgrade to algorithm. You can create “stations” out of already created playlist that do a great job of helping discover new music. Unfortunately you can’t upload your own music but I love how many devices (PS4, Echo Dot, FireStick) and apps utilize Spotify. I can connect it with certain DJ apps to have the Spotify library at my command which was the ultimate selling point. This is coming from a vinyl DJ with 1200’s and crates of records that collect dust now and Hardrives full of music.