Excellent write-up.
Arun Menon

Hi and thank you for you’re kind words.
Rather than give you the fish i want to teach you how to fish. While reading you’re question, i had the feeling you are right now were i was one year ago, since i found myself thinking: “This is a question that i would make”, so i want to give you a road map if you want to call it so, for how to grow in next months from begginer to intermediate.

In Javascript there is no right way of doing things, so if it works, even is it is glued togheter and ugly, its ok. The more you do this kind of projects, the more you understand how to optimize and write more elegant code, and the greater you’re confidence in you’re ability will be.

What i did after this challenges, was just to keep doing tutorials and folowing youtube videos until i felt that i have breaked the wall of begginer.

Here are my mentors that helped me grow:

Javascript algorithms and games:

. Fun Fun Function Youtube

. 100 coding challenges tutorials from Daniel Shiffman

FullStack Tutorials (Node, React, Redux):

. Wes Bos

. Stephen Grinder Udemy Teacher

. Net Ninja Youtube

And the last thing is dont give up

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