Start with Why — Chapter 4

One concept stood out to me in this chapter. Starting on page 59, it discuss the phrase, “winning hearts and minds”. Companies are geared towards winning the minds of consumers by touting the facts or science of why their products are better. However, even when presented with these empirical evidence, the decision to make the purchase is still a difficult one. It is only when the company reaches the hearts of the consumers can they effect the consumers’ purchasing decisions. The book points out that buyers of Harley Davidson motorcycle purchase the brand, the idea, more so than just a piece a transportation tool. I can speak firsthand to this idea because I purchased a brand new Harley many years ago because I believe I was buying into the idea of “freedom” and image of owning a Harley. The fact that my Harley was about $2,000 more expensive than a comparable bike from another manufacturer did not concern me. However, I think influencing the purchasing decision solely based on emotion will not last. I say this because if I were to purchase another motorcycle, I would not purchase a Harley anymore because I now realize that I can save thousands of dollars and experience the same “freedom” if I purchased another brand. The allure of the image of owning a Harley does not have the same effect on me anymore.

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