Victor Cozzone Believes in Working Hard and Giving Back

From the perspective of Victor Cozzone, the most important thing every successful person can do is to give back to the community that has helped bring them to success. That is why, for many years, Victor Cozzone has been a volunteer baseball coach for teams in the Lionville Youth Baseball Association in Pennsylvania, but he also has worked as a volunteer member of the board of the Mission to Educate Children with Autism at Downington High School.

Victor Cozzone also has played a significant role in programs in Chester County that provide the poor with funding to help them pay heating bills during those cold Pennsylvania winters. Victor donated a lot of money and worked to create a program to get them the help they need even faster. His best work, however, may be with “Preparing Adolescents with Autism for Adult Life,” or PAAL, with whom he has worked for about a dozen years. PAAL prepares people aged 14–21 with moderate to severe autism with the skills they will need to live independently.

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