Unique Value Proposition & Differentiation threw Peeling Garlic

Hey, Guy! I felt compelled to share a quick story & a video for you guys to check out. Or to least listen to while cooking and peeling garlic like I did :)

So this morning I wake up. Pop open the laptop screen. Opened up a few of my essential tabs ( Trello & Toggl.com lol Great for time & project management btw check them out). And started the clock running for my main activity of the day.

After three and a half hours later, of nonstop writing.

Took what I thought was going to be a quick break.

Seconds later I find myself peeling garlic. Somehow, I volunteered to help with the cooking today. My cooking skills have never been the best. But anyhow decided to go with the least appealing & most time-consuming job. With that thinking in mind. Landed with peeling 6 garlic locks to make sazón(seasoning) for later.

Well, since I actually wanted to get the most value out of my time. I decided to open up a video I was holding off until later tonight.

So I went ahead and played it. While I’m listening & peeling. I noticed that there’s was more to this video than just what the title and the description stated.

This well-known entrepreneur in the online business world — Derek Halpern. He was answering these questions about his success & what was his differentiation. What made his different enough to make a dent, and help his business explode. One of the few lessons I got out from that video is to look at other industries. Anything that could even be far off from your area of work. Check if the methods or ideas work there and apply it to your own.

I’ll give you his quick example to build some context. The online blogging industry is quite saturated. Especially with people talking about online marketing. He proposed that too many bloggers were already at the top of that niche. To be able to be different & apply a unique perspective. He analyzed and applied principals that weren’t talked about in his industry.

He decided to go with the ‘social psychology of marketing.’ He noticed that psychology was being implemented everywhere. As well as implemented in other industries but not with online marketing. With that simple fact, he devised that if a topic & method is hot in one industry. Many others would love to learn that method to apply that it on their own. With that, he created his unique value proposition. Grew his blog to over 17,000 subscribers in a 11 month period, and the rest is for you to find out :p .

Theres more you can take from this video but I rather you take some time and watch it on your own :) . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrIi7t7DScQ

This video is from 2012 but still stands true to things that can be applicable now. Give it a go, hope this help you out somehow. God bless.