Introduce ONAM — high-performance with advance trading tools and security system by machine learning

ONAM will create a fully compliant platform which satisfies their goals — led by professionals that are ready to take crypto exchanges out of murky waters of non compliance and welcome mass adoption. When start launching the ONAM exchange, they want to resolve the shortcomings and other issues our competitors are facing and create scalable, and transparent exchange. Traders will have access to platform tools that have innovative technology through automated trading bots and algorithms, multilingual modular interface, risk management and robust technical analysis tools.With the machine learning technologies, they will be able to detect any irregular activities and with Advanced Threat Prevention system will flag any potential problems in real-time, preventing breaches quickly.ONAM is start steps to become fully compliant and working with regulatory with plans to obtain a Broker-Dealer license, money transmitter license and register as an Alternative Trading System with the SEC.

ONAM Matching Engine can have over 10 Million Transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds. With Advanced Threat Prevention, Intrusion Detection,Trade Surveillance tools along and with encrypted databases, guarantees the safety of your funds and fairness of the market within our platform.ONAM Exchange is ushering in a new era of standardization security, and usability that why ONAM is the future of cryptoexchanges!ONAM has built a platform that is compliant with current and future regulations set forth by the SEC and other regulatory bodies. It is truly scalable, secure, feature packed, and is suited for current and future needs of retail and institutional traders alike.

Token Sale Details:

Start: Oct 1, 2018 — End: Dec 1, 2018

ERC-20 Standard

195M Crowdsale Allocation

300M Total Tokens

Tokens exchange rate: 1 ETH = ~2,875 ONAM, 1 BTC = ~81,250 ONAM

ONAM token holders will be able to save up 50% on trading fees as well as have access to advanced tools such as Trade Assistant, Market Scanning tools, Trade Alerts and Signals.With Real-Time Market Survellance,Supervision and Compliance system monitors for suspicious trading activity system analyze pre-trade and post-trade data to idenity acivity such a unusually large trade,wash trades,stuffing,hamering,spoofing and momentum ignition.Monitoring each of this trading they generate activity report for the regulators in compliance with current and future regulations.Team philosophy is to suppress and eliminate market manipulation techniques to buils safe and fairness of market conditions.

ONAM trade Assistant will limit risks based on account balanc,current positions and the unique risk tolerance of each trader and this can profitability and aiding traders to stay profitable.

Auto-Trading and trade strategy allows ONAM customers to create trading bots based on they own strategy with the indicators they prefer or just use ready own strategy creadet by the expert traders in platform.

ONAM will onboaring trading experts to educate newbie and intermediate investors to technical analysis and with educational videos and articles,so this will help customers will be profitable and build strong and very educated community of traders.

ONAM will do Token Buyback to assist of native token they buying back and burning ONAM tokens every quarter.So ONAM will use 25% company profit to buyback and destroy tokens up to time when company burning 50% of total supply what increase value of ONAM in future.

So i think time to buy ONAM tokens what can give you good profit in longterm and you will can part in this amazing company!

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