NextPakk- future of delivery

NextPakk new logistic project based in blockchain.Time to forget about missed and stole delivery and packages.In App you always recieve when notifications when they recieve packages to you and you can choose date and time when you will be at home or when you will ready to receive your package. Also they give to all users personal delivery adress in NextPakk app, you can shopping online and send you order to this adress and you pagage will be delivery to you with NextPakk company.NextPakk network are based on Stellar protocol.

According to forecasts in the next few years e-commerce will up to more than 4 trillion dollars on last-mile logistic and over 70billon parcels shipped globally and will increase volume in logistic infrastructure.Pakka,blockchain platform built a decentralized sharing economy shoppers,delievery agents and retailers all share recieve reward as a direct result take part and partners with NextPakk ecosystem.NextPakk revolutionizing the logisting industry provide solution to inconvenience currently found in last-mile logistic.

You data privacy and secured becouse they based in blockchain technology removes the you name and adress in package.You can control you delieve online and change final destination place according to you plans. Customers receive an alert, telling them their packages have arrived locally and they can choose time when they’re home. NextPakk target will be globaly and you will be can tracking shipments in third-world countries.Package is delivered and left at residence even if customer isn’t at home.Customers want
high speed, flexibility, security and and the minimum cost of delivery and NextPakk and set out to meet the current needs of customers. In the decentralized sharing-economy cryptocurrency, Pakka, tokens will be used to exchange value on the platform while effectively and securely tracking packages.NextPakk promise- packages are delivered on time, or delivery is free to you!

Pakka platform to run its Last mile logistics business. NextPakk partners with local businesses to engage them as Package Delivery Points (PDPs), effectively utilizing unused space. NextPakk also partners with local drivers using their own vehicles, who are willing to ship packages for a fee.

ICO and Token info:

Each n participating in our private or public sales must undergo a typical screening process to comply with KYC/AML.Up to 25 Pakka tokens will be rewarded to each referring customer until they reach a customer base of one million users. Every transaction on the platform pays a minor % of the transaction as fee for maintaining and running the platform. All the fees will be distributed among the validating nodes run by the community.

They token, NextPakk Coin, runs on LogisticsChain, a blockchain shared economy built for frictionless, efficient and transparent delivery.

NextPakk Roadmap:

Take part in one of the best blockchain project this year!

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