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I discovered your cartoons because a writer I chose to follow — I don’t follow many — reccommended them/you. So in my multiple daily emails from Medium once in a while, there was your cartoon. I just noticed I hadn’t followed you — oversight — but through her I saw your work so through the dross you were found…

Most of the articles Medium recommends I don’t read even though I asked for ‘startup’ writings. My daughter and I are building an app and as a neonate to the field I found them helpful. A lot are, as you noted, are about monetizing. Not for me.

I read a lot earlier this year but it has diminished substantially. Time, subject matter, length, other options…

You were an ‘alternative’ voice on the site and I found it refreshing. Sorry to see you go. Now if I can just figure out how to bookmark on an IPad…..

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