Party like it’s 1977

You have heard the quote, “Those who don’t learn from History are bound to repeat it” unfortunately, it is wrong.

As I mentioned in my previous post history repeats itself every 40 years.

So this week I attended and photographed three events that the theme was germane to our times, protest and resistance!

One event was at Talento Bilingue Houston, Texas where they were showing a documentary film and lectures from local history professors from the University of Houston and Texas Southern University.

The event was titled, “Tejano History 101.”

Right there in full living color were pictures of Hispanic Students protesting the removal and inaccurate history of Tejanos (original Texan settlers from Mexico) 40 years ago.

Hispanics have had to fight for many rights including civil rights drawn along political and ethnic lines to demand the same rights afford to Caucasians and African American citizens. Many of these cases went all the way to the Supreme Court.

Since I know the youngest professor, a generation Xer, Dr. Esparza, from Texas Southern University.

I commented to him that he is a modern representation of the new Hispanic Intelligentsia Warrior.

I lived through some of the early activists with La Raza Party that were a little rough around the edges

As philosopher, Arthur Schoepenhauer wrote, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

So it appears that we are in the stage of violent opposition and this leads me to the point of my post.

In times as we live now, we need to find our inner Frida Kahlo.

I interviewed numerous artists and attendees dressed as Frida this week at Frida Kahlo Festival and the theme kept reoccurring.

Frida is timeless and honored as though she was a patron saint for her courage, originality, boldness, expression, authenticity, transmutation of physical and emotional pain into artful universal messaging.

She was a spirit that could not be silenced by her society, her culture, her husband, her era, family, or personal circumstances.

She was a tenacious and fearless warrior in the face of adversity and this is what many Frida Kahlo adoring fans are in search of.

My week ended with a Japanese Dance Art Project and again the theme of fighting against all the people and elements that keep you from having your voice and being true to your purpose.

After seeing thousands of people this week, through my binary lens I saw humanity made up of originals and photocopies of other originals.

Be original! No one can be you as you can be.

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