Super Powers, Crazy Dreams, Imagining The Impossible. (When) Does It End?

As a child your imagination is beyond the limit of most other people. Its not really taught, you can just dream it. But, does imagination fade as you get older or does it develop as you grow up.

Remember the times where you as an individual could just say anything and anyone would tell you it’s a an excellent statement. Those were good times. Sometimes I like to see children just “Being themselves”. Not being judge about what they said or did. The times when every person was your pal or just would help you when you needed help. I remember my childhood to be so sweet and innocent. I remember imagining back in the days when I could say the weirdest things or I could express my feeling and wouldn’t get judged about it.

As kids, our imagination is at the highest point. They can imagine with other kids, coming up with brand new possiblities of thoughts. A kid at a young age would most likely get impressed in anything that he or she sees. Even the little things. Seeing how a catterpiller would eat its food or to wacthing a mighty eagle swooping across them. Kids get impressed to see these marvelous events, thing in their mind, “Wow, how does that work?” Or, “Did you see how that cat climbed that tree”

Ever since children start to think, they also start to wonder. “How does this work?” “Why does it do that?” Kids desire to always wonder, which leads to exploring. They like to figure things out. As so, they love to imagine. Its part of the stages of childhood. Buliding new ideas and gaining new ones as well. Most of the time, it isn't taught. Children seem to discover ways to find out how it works.

I honestly think its a wonderful thing to see a kid obsurbes many detail upon a certain thing or event.

But, as we start growing up, learing and observe how things work. Do we lose the creativity that we would have though as a child?

Changes defiantly occur as you go through the stages of childhood to boyhood and teen-hood. As a child starts growing up, the child starts developing many new thoughts in growing up. Usually in school, when they are young many children get into many bandwagons. “If you don’t think this way you are not cool” These thoughts make pressure for the child. If he believes one idea but is not comfortable to share his idea due to other children think his idea is very stupid and childish.

This isn’t always the cause to all children or people in general. The circumstances can always be very different for a individual person. Many people that elder still come up with wacky ideas and their creativity has not lost a bit. I believe it depends on the individual. Some people just love comming up with neat ideas. For others, its just something that they don’t pursue very much.

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