Mercury Cash will facilitate the transition from the obsolescence of the FIAT to new stable software in the blockchain

Victor Romero,,

Abstract.- Monetary instruments in developed and underdeveloped countries have been created under completely corruptible and non-transparent schemes, which have failed to promote the sectors, agents, factors and economic activities of the system, and who end up paying the consequences of the inefficiency are the poorest ones. Mercury cash proposes to create a digital environment for the transition from the current system to software.

1. Problem

Historically, people are forced to leave their communities because of political perversions…

Mercury Cash facilitará la transición de la obsolescencia del FIAT a un nuevo software estable en el blockchain

Victor Romero,,

Abstracto.- Los instrumentos monetarios en países desarrollados y subdesarrollados han sido creados bajo esquemas completamente corruptibles y sin transparencia, que han fracasado en la promoción de los sectores, agentes, factores y actividades económicas del sistema, y, quienes terminan pagando las consecuencias de la ineficacia son los más pobres. Mercury cash plantea crear un ambiente digital para la transicion del sistema actual a un software.

1. Problema

Históricamente, las personas se ven forzadas a salir de sus comunidades por…

Mercury Cash

Estimados Inversionistas:

Adventurous Entertainment LLC [Compañía] agradece la confianza depositada en su inversión en la oferta de la Compañía [Oferta].

Después de lanzar la Oferta, el personal de la Comisión de Valores e Intercambio de los Estados Unidos [SEC] se contactó con la Compañía para darle seguimiento a la Oferta.

Artículos resaltados:

  • La SEC no tomó medidas de cumplimiento o acciones en contra de la compañia y, después de varias reuniones de colaboración, ambas partes llegaron a la conclusión de que cerrar la oferta sería el camino más fácil y rápido.
  • Tenemos que corregir uno o más elementos de la…

Mercury Cash

Dear Investors:

Adventurous Entertainment LLC [Company] appreciates the trust placed in your investment in the Company’s offer [Offer].

After launching the Offer, Staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States [SEC] contacted the Company to follow up on the Offer.

Highlighted items:

  • No enforcement actions were taken by the SEC and after a few collaborative meetings, both parties came to the conclusion that closing the offering would be the easiest and fastest path forward.
  • We have to correct one or more elements of the offer indicated by SEC if we wish to open a future offering.


Mercury Cash 2018

Mercury Cash 2018

Mercury Cash fue incorporado como empresa por primera vez el 28 de Junio del 2016 en el Estado de la Florida, Estados Unidos. Con la finalidad de hacer Minería y crear la plataforma que facilita la transición de la obsolescencia del FIAT a un nuevo sistema estable en el blockchain. …

Mercury Cash home

Hoy quiero hacerles llegar esta información, tú facilmente te puedes ganar $10 y tu amigo $10 tambien si ya eres usuario de Mercury Cash puedes invitar a tus amigos a disfrutar del servicio de Compra y venta de criptomonedas, envio y recepcion de criptomonedas y dólares, tu también puedes enviar Dólares desde Mercury usando el app o desde el pc.

Mercury Cash

Mercury Cash, a live hosted-wallet solution for cryptocurrency and fiat, is pleased to announce that Google has granted certification to the organization for cryptocurrency-related advertisements. This marks a major milestone in Mercury Cash’s vision to be the premier wallet solution for the needs of cryptocurrency and fiat customers across the globe. The company can now begin to advertise its services and wallet on Google in a fully-compliant manner.

“We couldn’t be more excited to obtain this certification from Google. As a fully-compliant focused cryptocurrency and fiat wallet, our organization strives to be the premier solution for cryptocurrency users across the…

Mercury Cash team

Entrepreneurs and workers have always wanted to perform a little more than they usually do, always want to stand out above others, they want to demonstrate what they are capable of. For that, there are habits that, as they are put into practice, allow them to be more productive and stand out thanks to their abilities.

Being more productive means doing more, sometimes with limited resources and doing more things than we normally do, being more productive does not necessarily mean being more efficient, in reality it is about doing the things that bring more value to our work or business.

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Mercury Cash

The world of cryptocurrencies is increasingly advanced. There are many people and companies that now bet on making their transactions with this type of virtual currency that could be even more secure than the same physical money that is issued by banks. If you do not know well about this topic, I invite you to continue reading so that you can learn a little more.

What is ethereum?

Most people who know little cryptocurrency only relate to bitcoin, but the reality is that although bitcoin was the first to emerge, today there are many more that are also worth noting and one of them is the ether that belongs to the ethereum protocol.

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Mercury Cash and KoreConX Partnership

Mercury Cash is pleased to announce that the KoreToken protocol from KoreConX will be the official security token protocol for its security token offering.

KoreConX is the world’s first highly-secure permissioned blockchain ecosystem for fully-compliant tokenized securities worldwide.

To ensure compliance with securities regulation and corporate law, the KoreConX all-in-one, AI-based blockchain platform manages the full lifecycle of tokenized securities including the issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, management, reporting, corporate actions, and custodianship. KoreConX connects companies to the capital markets and secondary markets facilitating access to capital and liquidity for private investors.

“We couldn’t be more excited to begin working with…

Victor Romero

CEO at “Smart Money for Smart People”

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