Reading over the documentation for Enthought Deployment Manager, it looks like the better way to go about this, instead of downloading a big set of dependencies, will be to load dependencies into my working environment as they become necessary.

Setting Up Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM)

EDM has authentication options for users with commercial accounts, including simple auth (not recommended) and API tokens (recommended). I don’t have such an account, so I’ll worry about that in the future. If that’s you, I can’t help you, but check out edm help configuration and edm configure.

Instead, I’ll get straight to setting up my environment. EDM handles a really…


The book will be using EPDFree, a software suite for Python development which “is designed to provide a lightweight…Python… environment for scientists, engineers, and analysts, in contrast to more complex tools[.]”

To get started, I’ll load EPDFree onto my Ubuntu 19.10 desktop environment. I will adjust as I go along, but as part of my goal with this book is to develop production-ready applications, I’ll be thinking about whether EPDFree is actually the best tool for my needs. (Let me know in the comments if you have an opinion on this.)

The steps here seem clear enough:

Both the free…


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