Improv for DevOps

According to THE DevOps Thought Lord John Hendren — “DevOps is a way of reorganizing your nerds so that they talk more to each other.” The culture of collaboration and communication is a vital first step for any team or organization looking to build, test, and release software more frequently and reliably.

But how do you change your team or organization’s culture? Is it even possible?

Improv for DevOps takes techniques and practices inspired from improvisational comedy to learn how to listen, to be comfortable with failure, and be more creative. We have practiced improv comedy in the workplace (inspired by WIT @ Work) and seen increased collaboration between our development, operations, and security teams.

Whether you’re the CTO, a team lead, or even an entry-level system admin, you can learn how to adjust your behavior towards others to foster a more positive culture. And it’s hilarious.

Improv for DevOps Links and Resources

WIT @ Work

Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science


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