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Hello to everyone reading my story! My name is Victoria. I am a full-time marketer at a UX agency in Budapest, a content writer on Medium, and a freelancer.

The purpose of this story is to give you a better sense of who I am, what I do, and how I spend my free time apart from work.

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About me

“Privit” to everyone reading my story! This is how Ukrainians greet each other when they meet. You are right! …

Analyzing the top pages of the Cosmopolitan website.

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Image credit: Image from Unsplash edited by the author in Canva

Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” With the fierce Internet rivalry, this rule is applicable more than ever before.

Competition drives innovation. It makes businesses develop new, creative ideas to enhance products and services. Thus, healthy competition is beneficial for the end-user.

As a marketer, I used to work in 2 completely different industries — educational and UX. Before getting into the business performance audit, I usually conduct a small competitor analysis to understand the market.

How can you easily define your main competitors? First, google your primary keywords and see who’s on the first search results page. …

They might hold you back from becoming a solopreneur.

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Image credit: Unsplash

According to Gallup's World Poll, an astonishing 85% of the global population are not happy with their daily jobs.

Luckily in 2020, there are plenty of side-hustles anyone can do apart from work. Inspired by great minds and a desire to become location independent, I took my first freelance project in October 2020.

Freelancing might sound fun, but don’t rush yet if you are not aware of why you do it. It requires powerful self-discipline, dedicated work, and an excellent reputation to win clients.

If you doubt how to start, I am sharing a few thoughts that might help overcome your fears. …

According to the “Future of Jobs 2020” Report by the World Economic Forum.

10 Job Skills With Growing Demand by 2025 (and How to Cultivate Them)
10 Job Skills With Growing Demand by 2025 (and How to Cultivate Them)
Image credit: Gustavo Fring

Did you know that an average TikTok influencer (13 -18years old) can make $200 to $20,000 per a sponsored video? I was shocked when I learned it.

I was thinking, “Jesus, these young bloggers can earn that much from a single video! I feel like a granny in my 26 having no interest in TikTok.”.

This fact made me think about the current job market trends and the rapid changes we all see but not always ready to predict.

If a 26-year-old marketer asks this question, what can 40-50-year-old people do? Can they remain competitive in the job market when there is no evidence of how tomorrow will look like? …

Show you have a lot to learn and offer to your company’s future.

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Screenshot taken from the youtube interview

Job interviews have been an inevitable part of the work culture for ages. If you want to land a high paycheck job, chances are you will have to answer the “why should we hire you, not anyone else?” question.

The standard job interview process entails many template questions and even more template answers from the applicants.

Here are just a few typical questions I’ve heard during my 20+ job interviews and what people used to say:

“Why do you want to work here?”

The typical answer is: “I admire what your company does and would like to contribute my skills to your successful performance.”

Valid reasons why consumers tend to buy more organic products explained by a marketer

Face emerging from a bath with orange slices floating in it.
Face emerging from a bath with orange slices floating in it.
Photo by Noah Busher on Unsplash

It’s been almost seven months since I started using organic skincare products.

As a consumer, I’m delighted and excited when I buy new products at the branded shops (even if I do not need them). However, as a marketer, I’ve noticed a shift in my buying behavior and decision-making process.

Now, I’m more open to purchase a new product from the same brand. Furthermore, I regularly buy items from the same brands as I started associating little purchases with happiness.

I used to be a picky customer; now, I’m a loyal brand advocate. Have you ever experienced this shift?

Let me explain. …

BK raises public awareness on social media to support the hospitality industry during the lockdown.

A Surprising Statement from Burger King — “Order From McDonald’s”
A Surprising Statement from Burger King — “Order From McDonald’s”
Image credit: Ilbusca on Istockphoto

Early November 2020, Burger King restaurants in France and the UK made a surprising announcement that shocked its loyal customers and rivals from other chains:

Order from McDonald's

We never thought we’d be asking you to do this, but restaurants employing thousands of staff really need your support at the moment.

The tweet was shared by Burger King UK names KFC, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell, and other fast-food chain restaurants.

It clearly shows how much the hospitality industry suffered from severe pandemic and global restrictions.

Burger King UK account on Twitter.

Reduced customer buying power and economic decline force global brands to act altogether, not against each other. …

Without checking book descriptions and reader reviews.

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Image credit: Thought Catalog on Unsplash

“You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.”

Paul Sweeney

What defines a good book? That’s a question I ask myself each time I am looking for a new book to read.

I stick to a habit of reading at least one book a month, but my wish list has already skyrocketed.

As a motivated reader, I want to consume insightful books that will impact my vision, life, and perception. …

If Eminem’s rap is painful for your ears, you’ are probably a highly-opened person, according to science.

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Image credit: Jake Rian on Pexels

Do you like listening to music? Most likely, you will say, “yes.” In fact, over 90% of people worldwide say they like listening to music for various reasons.

Research studies have already proved that music helps boost concentration; it blocks external noise, reduces stress and anxiety, and enhances creativity.

I can listen to the same song for years. I treat music as a way to escape from reality, dive into my dreams, listen to the inner self, and heal the emotional pain.

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.” …

This powerful, free tool can help you do it.

How to Come Up With 250 Creative Blog Post Ideas in 1 Minut
How to Come Up With 250 Creative Blog Post Ideas in 1 Minut
Image credit: Kaboompicks on Pexels

Writing is an art, no matter how easy it might seem.

If you are a blogger who makes a living writing or a content manager, you need to generate creative ideas to “wow” your readers.

After several months of working as a content writer, I seemed to cover all the topics I knew. It took me half of the year to realize that ideas are all around me and to start collecting daily thoughts.

If you frequently experience writer’s block, this tool might help you.

How to Generate 250 Topic Ideas in 1 Minute

I’ve recently stumbled upon the Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator.


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