A Few Words On Power

By: Victoria Podgursky

Some time ago I was going through a rough patch and a fleeting but powerful presence in my life told me a valuable thing.

Listen well, because I am going to tell you something very important about power…and life. Power does not equal success, there are many successful people in the world, but there are less powerful people. And you know what differentiates the two…powerful people are successful people who managed to hold on to their success over time in a way that is influential. And nothing is more influential than information, more specifically having information that other people want and releasing it at the correct time. The second component of that is time. It is the most valuable resource in the world. Most people make the rookie mistake of giving it away for free and more lethally, instantaneously.

The most basic example is texting, she said…

Think about it, who has more power and holds you attention longer…the person who replies right away, or the person who seems to wait a few hours right at the very important questions.

Time and information is your currency. Not everything has to have an answer right this second. The smartest people know that sometimes it’s better to say “I’ll get back to you” than to make the wrong decision.

Powerful people know how to “buy time.”