Compass Agent Contributor — David Carson on “Rolling Luggage and Real Estate”

*this is the first post in a series of “guest contributor” pieces prepared by Compass agents in Miami, FL. Thanks to David Carson for an incredible inaugural piece!

Forty-six years ago, on his way back from Aruba, a man named Mr. Sadow solved a first world problem. The democratization of travel introduced an irritation to the masses, schlepping suitcases across ever-expanding airports in as archaic a manner as was the case before wheels. So, Mr. Sadow added some, and no one ever carried their luggage again.

David (far right) on a panel of esteemed Compass agents during the launch of Compass’ Los Angeles location.

Analogies make for excellent lessons; to apply across disciplines a confluence of thought. For the sake of this lesson it’s important that we first predicate the application on the abandonment of false dichotomy.

Luggage is a product. Real estate is a service. Unless you’re Compass, in which case it’s not, because it’s both. It’s an evolution in the intimate interplay of technology and sales that’s as disruptive to the industry as anything that preceded it.

Allow me to explain: Last Thursday I had a call with the Compass product team about data aggregation. The conversation turned to integrated systems management, in response to which Compass amassed a team of engineers. On Monday, I sit down with our COO and executive admin to streamline, and ultimately scale, the sales process for our Miami office. These products allow me to advise on valuation, explain it simply, price accordingly, articulate it graphically, and then reach every broker who’s sold a similar product in the last two years by the time the property hits the market. The beauty of it all is that I never have to step foot in the office, which means that my most precious asset of time is spent in the most valuable of ways — making connections and brokering the most effective deal.

David (pictured above) is an avid reader, philanthropist, and nature lover

Our products are intuitive, time saving, and value driven, because I as an agent am driving them. And so, while self-ingratiating in the best of ways, the beauty of iteration in product creation between real estate agents and software engineers is responsible for your elevated experience as a client.

At the end of the day, it’s all just wheels on the luggage, and the best thing we can do is to apply it across the board. Service and product, aligned in innovation, driven by the most disruptive force of all culture.

-David Carson

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