Fifth AML Directive requires companies to provide more transparency

The Fifth Directive (EU) was adopted in May 2018 and Member States were required to transpose changes to their national law by the beginning of 2020. …

Äriseadustiku muudatused lihtsustavad nii Eesti kodanike, residentide kui ka e-residentide äritegevust.

Riigikogu kiitis 5. detsembril 2018 heaks Eesti äriseadustiku muudatuse, millega kaotatakse nõue, et osaühingutel peab osakapitali registrisse kandmiseks olema maksekonto Eesti krediidiasutuses. Alates 2019. aasta jaanuarist võib see konto olla Euroopa Majanduspiirkonna (EMP) lepinguriigis asutatud krediidiasutuses või makseasutuses. …

The Commercial Code has been amended to improve the ease of doing business for Estonia’s citizens, residents and e-residents.

Estonia’s Parliament, Riigikogu, today passed an amendment to the country’s Commercial Code to remove the requirement that limited companies must use an Estonian bank account when registering share capital. From January 2019, they can instead use a ‘credit or payment institution in the European Economic Area’ for this.

This change…

Estonia is proud to open its digital doors to e-residents around the world, but those doors can also be closed when necessary.

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has closed the digital ID certificates on a small number of e-Residency cards belonging to people who established companies in Estonia, but failed to demonstrate compliance with Estonia’s business rules.

This means they are no longer able to use their digital ID cards…

You can run, but you can’t hide.

You can run an Estonian company from anywhere in the world, but you can’t hide your ownership or management of it.

It’s important for e-residents to understand how these two principles are connected.

Estonia has chosen to create a trusted and transparent business environment. This works because, in addition to…

Here’s how that affects e-residents.

UPDATE 03.05.19

The possibility to extend the validity of digital ID cards and e-Residency digital ID cards for additional 2 years is no longer available as of 30 April 2019.

For more information, please visit the e-Residency knowledge base.

UPDATE 18.4.19

The extension process referenced in this article which allowed e-residents holding cards with…

Victoria Saue

COO at Entify ( one click legal entity verification) and previous Head of Legal and Compliance at e-Residency

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