Press Release
Millennials 4 Revolution

I am very confused about this NEW GROUP! Are you part of the 8 or so “leaders” who quit OUR REVOLUTION because of Jeff Weaver being appointed or acknowledged by Bernie as President of Our Revolution?

I am with the leaders who quit, and I know that there has to be a reason that Bernie chose Jeff… and I also don’t like what I’ve seen with him. I trust Bernie, but I’m skeptical on this.

Do you support Clinton? Of course you don’t support her… you’d be fools if you did, and you’re not… so I’d be surprised if you tell us to vote for her. Are you with #JillNotHill? If you are asking us to vote for Clinton, my answer is HELL NO! If you aren’t advising millennials to #DemExit… again, HELL NO! And if you are not awakened to the dangers, the REAL DANGERS of even 1 vote for Clinton, then watch this and tell me you made a mistake and that you are not with Bernie in supporting her as “… Trump’s worse.” There is no way in hell… FUCK NO he isn’t worse than Hillary. If the stars are in alignment with us, something will happen. She has to #DropOutHillary… it seems pretty impossible right now, but I believe that she will SOME HOW.

Watch this… scary shit. She will never/ever get my vote. Professor Dana Frank on Clinton/Obama and Hondorus. And we absolutely have to speak to the power of Barack Obama. The man is insane in letting her escape from the indictment. I think we have to be 100% clear: he has a lot to hide, he’s in it with her, he’s covering up to save himself and likely because she threatened a “tell all” if he gets in the way. She is a dirty player, and an evil woman.

I want someone from the leadership of this group to answer my questions please… after you read them and after you watch Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! and her piece w/Dr. Dana Frank.

One more thing: have you heard the projected cost to millennials in the wages arena? $8.8 trillion … an interesting number, and another reason that we can’t vote Clinton. The only reason she allowed it to be in the platform is because Bernie pushed her. She had to. She thought it would get our votes. BTW, I am not a millennial… hope it’s okay to join. I join because I love and respect you. I feel somewhat guilty about what my damn generation did to planet Earth and what it will do to your lives in the future. In Colorado, expect a huge fight… we have an anti-fracking initiative on the ballot in November. I’m thinking of the millennials and the tough life you will be forced to live. I’m sorry. But I’m not sorry to say that if you vote for Clinton, you’ll get MORE climate change because… well, you know she will do or say anything but the truth to get elected. Lies are her forte. Pretending/ignoring the facts is a key Clinton way of telling us to go to hell. Don’t trust her to fight for climate change… she won’t. You/we have to. No other choice.

Sent with love and appreciation to all millennials who voted for Bernie. If by some “Birdie-type” miracle he will fly again to help us… keep the thought in your mind. Call the BIRDIE! He’s alive and well.