It’s time to rejoin the land of the living.

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They are all around us.

Among our family and friends.

At work and at school.

In our living rooms and bedrooms.

Driving cars and walking the streets,

some are more obvious than others.

But I see them.

Maybe you see them too.

They are trapped,

often for hours.

Lifeless and lost to us.

They’re adrift in that other world.

The one that held so much promise.




and progress.

A better life,

we were told.

But the value it delivers is fleeting.

The consequences are not.




and discontent.

We reach out,

hoping to connect with them. …

It does so much more than improve your productivity.

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I have lots of interesting conversations with people about the distracting world we live in. …


Victoria Gray

Founder of, helping people & companies thrive by focusing their attention on the stuff that matters.

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