Simple Facebook Hack to Boost Startup Growth

With an average of 1.28 billion active daily users on Facebook, it’s safe to say that a large percentage of your startup’s customers and potential customers have a Facebook account. It also means that your competitors are probably already using Facebook as a part of their marketing strategy. The good news is even if you are strapped for cash, there is a way to boost your startup’s growth and I’m going to tell you exactly how to tap into an untapped resource with one simple Facebook hack.

You’re Not Using Facebook Groups 100% Correctly

Marketers discuss marketing your startup on Facebook or even in Facebook groups. This advice consists of telling you to join 10 or more Facebook groups relevant to your niche or related to startups or marketing.

The problem with this advice is the groups you find on your own or are recommended to join turn out to be a hit or miss because so many startup founders are in there with the same goal — marketing their startup. Then, usually, the owner of the group has their goal of marketing their product or services to founders so they can profit. Unless you were in the group from the beginning or are already known you have little chance of standing out when competing against thousands of other active users.

This gets old quick.

The key to boosting your startup growth isn’t to go be pitched to in a “startup” or “digital marketing” Facebook group with thousands of members. Instead, you must create a Facebook group for your startup and build your own loyal following. I’m not saying you should leave all your current Facebook groups right now as they can come in handy for growing your group, but you need to get ahead of your competitors and start your own group.

The Benefits of Starting a Facebook Group for Your Startup

In January 2016, Facebook Groups hit 1 billion users in a single month, which means more than half of the daily active users are logging into Facebook Groups to engage with others about shared interests.

The best thing about this hack is that it can work for any startup industry simply because Facebook is used by people from all levels of society.

But how does your startup benefit from starting a Facebook Group?

For starters, when potential customers search for your name on Facebook to perform their research (as any good new customer should do), they will not only come across your Facebook Page, but they will also see your closed Facebook Group appear. This allows them to have a more personal connection with you from the start, which makes you stand out from your competitors.

Second, you can use your Facebook group to handle customer service. This allows you to keep your reputation managed because it decreases the chance of a tweet or Reddit post going viral because you couldn’t respond instantly. Furthermore, since other loyal customers should have already been invited to this group if your team isn’t able to respond instantly to a question, a loyal fan could possibly step in and help them out with their question.

Lastly, you can use your group to get feedback on your products or services that are currently on the market. You can even have some randomly selected members test out new products before they launch, to make sure that they are a good fit for your customer base.

Overall, the options are limitless because this group is 100% about your startup and you don’t have to try to sell because the members of the group will do the selling for you.

One Last Trick to Get the Facebook Group Rolling

Once you have 100 or so customers in the group, the only thing you must do is check in a few times per day. You won’t have to worry about marketing the group that hard because your customers will be eager to add their friends and the referral cycle will take off. If your budget allows it, you could even offer a percentage or dollar amount off their next purchase if they invite a certain amount of interested friends to the group.

During the initial phase, make sure that you just don’t stop with a few alerts on social media and sending out a newsletter to your current customers though. Take it one step further and connect your startup’s Facebook group to your Business Fan Page. If you’re unsure how to do that you can check out this detailed tutorial.

Have you ever created a Facebook group for your startup?

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