This is a book that I have waited so long to read! I was first introduced to the book earlier this year when Bishop TD Jakes had a live interview with Pastor Steven Furtick; AMAZING! In the interview, the Bishop gave an outline of what his new book "Soar" was about and I was sold INSTANTLY. So here we are now, time to review the book! Spoiler alert; IT'S AMAZING!

Okay so let's get into the review. Apart from the amazing content and inspiration that this book contains, I must say that it is incredibly well written. The writer will keep you engaged throughout the ENTIRE book; you won't want to stop! Even the introductory passage will fully awaken your imagination and you almost feel like you are a part of what is going on in the text. 
Let me start with the title, "Soar". This isn't any regular title like "succeed" or "progress". One thing I love is when nature is used to explain principles regarding life. You cannot fault principles that uses the foundation of nature, God's very own creation, to explain how to Soar. And throughout this book, Bishop TD Jakes uses the Eagle (and ofcourse the word of God) as a point of reference regarding how to "Soar"

Now, your regular review usually would start with the body of the book, but not this review. I'm going to start by reviewing the "Contents page". Yes. The "Contents page". Now you probably know a contents page to to be a place that you would use as a "map" to guide you to certain places of the book. However, this contents page is quite different. Yes, it does tell you about what page you can find certain things on, but it is also super inspiring!

Here is the contents page:

Part 1- Expand your vision

Part 2- Build your wings

Part 3- Clear the clouds

Part 4- Soar to new heights

From these headings alone we can learn so much. These headings establish an order to which things must be done in order to "Soar" in life. 
First you must have a vision. But the thing about this vision is that is cannot be limited to your imagination so the first step is to expand your vision. We know that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask or think so therefore we must expand our thoughts in order to occupy that which God had planned for us. 
Next you need to build your wings. Building your wings involved establishing exactly how your are going to fly, I.e. creating a plan.
Next you need to clear the clouds. This involves removing anything that can hinder you from seeing your vision. This includes insecurities, self doubt and so on.
Lastly we must soar to new heights!!

This contents page very does summarise this book very well. But I want to leave you with this. The Bishop talks about how there was a time where he was sitting on a plane and the plane wasn't moving. The Bishop was very frustrated. But the frustration did not stem from the fact that he had to sit, instead he was frustrated by the fact that he was sitting in a place when he should be flying.

For me, this means that as human being, we are designed to be moving, we are designed "Soar". There is a principle that the human body stands by, and it is this: when a limb is not in use, it will degenerate. This means that when we are not doing what we are created to do, degeneration can take place. And ofcourse, we would not want that!

So I hope I've enticed you enough to read this book! Honestly it's a on amazing book with so much truth, thus, so much power!

-Soar by Bishop TD Jakes