My experience in the Andela boot camp so far…

The second day of bootcamp has been great. It was filled with a lot of learning and teamwork. Today involved working on some programming tasks from home. The going is getting tough but I am getting tougher. With the Andela bootcamp, learning is a continuous process. I learnt a lot today and I know I will learn a lot more tomorrow and every other day as I pursue my dream to become a world class software developer.

Despite the fact that we were physically dispersed as a team, we had great teamwork on slack. I have learnt that collaboration is very important regardless of where the team members are. Today’s tasks involved three tasks from Andelabs and modeling a real world problem in object oriented programming. This really challenged my creativity and helped me think outside the box.

Software development is getting the better part of me and I am loving it. The two days that I have been in the Andela boot camp have been filled with growth both mentally and in matters software development.No matter how tough the experience is going to be,I believe passion will keep me going.

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