My experience in the Andela bootcamp so far.

Days are moving fast, and the third day in the Andela bootcamp is here. New challenges and tasks each day are making the experience more adventurous than tough.

Today’s tasks involved creating two programming logic functions (a word count function and a function that finds the maximum and minimum numbers in a list) and a simple command line interface that consumes a public application program interface (API). The tasks were really interesting since I enjoy working with lists and dictionaries in python. The task that involved using an API required some research and it was a great learning experience.

I have come to love test driven development and I think it is a very important tool for a world class software developer. I now strive to ensure that my programs pass all the tests. This gives me an assurance that the program is working as expected. It has also made my experience satisfactorily since I now create programs that are close to perfect.

My experience in the Andela bootcamp has been filled with a lot of growth not only in matters software development but also socially. It has been delightful interacting with my fellow boot campers on slack, sharing ideas and helping each other out. It has been three days and I feel my dream to be a world class software developer will be a reality very soon. To wrap it all up in one word, my experience in the Andela boot camp has been magnificent.

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