My most recent challenging learning experience @ the Andela Boot Camp

The andela bootcamp has been the most challenging bootcamp i’ve ever attended. Filled with different challenges, it has been an enriching experience. Considering it was the first day of the boot camp, i learnt a lot and just had to get out of my comfort zone, roll up the sleeves and get to work.

The most challenging learning experience i had was working with Test Driven Development and GitHub for the first time. Even with all the knowledge i have after studying Computer Science, the boot camp has been a great learning platform. The experience came with a few disappointments (when code is not running as expected)but thanks to our team facilitator, Kimo, who has been there to guide us and transform the disappointments to great learning experiences. It has been eye-opening too and a motivation to study more. I have learnt to back up projects in GitHub (wishing i knew about it during my final year project…) and work with different versions of a project as well as use test driven development.

The Growth Mindset presentation was challenging too. It challenged me to believe in myself and do my best in everything. I look forward to such great learning experiences as they help bring out the best in me.

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