Because they owed

Someday, I die deep in my sorrows..
Other times I rise up from the dead..
It’s not about the breath I take,
But it is all in my heart bed.!
The love that brought me in this world,
Speaks to my soul every moment,
They ask , for they owe me so..
They owe, because for them I was here, sent.
The life passed by,
The soul found some new friend,
Being scratched and torn,
It was rough, and never did it blend!
The moment came,
When the givers asked,
For what they truly owed.
The taker was silent,
But her teary eye,
Quietly glowed.
She said yes, why not so.
You brought me here,
I owed you,
Everything you sowed...
So the taker became the giver,
The cycle turned back..
The friend she chose hid in her heart,
But her, now turned Black!

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