The Best of the Sunday Blogs-2018

Victoria Cairl
Dec 30, 2018 · 4 min read
A view of Peekskill from where I write every Sunday.

A few years ago, I promised myself I’d write every week about my life and my work and try to keep track of all I learned along the way. Less of a public journal and more of a collection of essays, I was surprised to find out how many people were reading and enjoying my work.

As another year ends in the blink of an eye, I sit at my table where I am most every Sunday at the Peekskill Coffee House where every weekend, I wake up before my family to sit here and write. And today, I thought it would be worth it to gather my favorite pieces and tell you a little about the story behind each of them.

One year after being formally diagnosed with depression, I wrote about it.

This is the piece I think I am most proud of as I have never received so much outreach from strangers and friends alike telling me how much an article meant to them. I’m doing much better now but keenly aware of how important it is to openly talk about mental illness as a writer and a human being.

The Romance and Reality of Depression

I took my teenager to the theater.

Ava Bean, my middle child, is 15 and mostly we want to kill each other. But this year I decided to come to terms with the fact that she wants to work in the family business (which is Broadway) and I wrote this piece about how thrilled I was to finally spend a day with my daughter doing something we both are devoted to.

I Took My Teenager to see “Be More Chill” (and she thought I was cool for two minutes)

I underwent an adventure in home making.

You know how George Michael made Listen Without Prejudice: Vol.1 but never Volume 2? That is kind of what happened here. Thanks to my desire to make our home a livable space once more and with a little help from an incredible friend, Leighanne, I wrote this piece about how hard it is to get through your own clutter. The house is ten times better but still needs work. Time and money were not on our side. I hope to write Part Two to this story in 2019 and complete my cleaning.

Clearing Out the Clutter and Trying Not to Cry- My Adventure in Homemaking

I realized how truly important my girlfriends are to my sanity

Jean, Uma and D have been my friends through job after job, child after child, through thick and thin and everything in-between. This article was inspired after our adventure-filled road trip to Boston this summer to see “Moulin Rouge” and a realization of how you need to prioritize friends.

Why Women Need Work Friends

I continued to love Peekskill and the home we’ve made here.

Peekskill is the setting and the inspiration for much of what I write about and in this piece, you get a sense of what a great community we have around us and how important that is to cultivate.

The Power of Having the Power Go Out

I fell madly in love with a new musical

After feeling at sea about my career and what was to come next, I discovered a show that I related to in a deeper way than I ever expected. I think about it still.

What I Really Want, is to do what I love for a living. (How a new Musical helped me fall in love with theater again.)

I remained filled with hope for all that was to come

My last selection is more about my approach to life than anything I have learned or experienced this year. Yet, it’s how I like to end all things I write about, on a good note.

Positivity, Patience, Persistence and Hope

Thank you for reading and sharing my articles. There’s no bigger compliment you can give me than to simply say, “I read your stuff”. Now, there’s more to learn and to write about in 2019. Let’s do this.

Victoria Cairl

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Writes about women and work and all else

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