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Although chocolate brownies continue to rule our taste buds, over the years we have seen many variations in brownies. This warm dessert when paired with cold ice cream is a match made in heaven. If you and your family have a sweet tooth and brownies don’t last longer than 24 hours in your house then this article is definitely for you.

Here are 4 chocolate brownies with a twist you surely don’t want to miss out on.

chocolate brownies

Brownie dessert pizza

You love brownies? You love pizza? Well then how about a brownie pizza? It’s simple, fill a pizza pan with chocolate brownie batter and bake it. Top it with melted white chocolate and your favorite fruits; sliced strawberries and raspberries taste best. Now cut them in the shape of pizza slices and your brownie dessert pizza is ready!

Peppermint brownie bars

If you enjoy mint in your dessert then here’s how you can give a minty twist to a classic brownie. Top your regular brownie with a decadent layer of chocolate and finish off by sprinkling some crushed peppermint candy on top. The flavor does not overpower your favorite brownie but add a delicious zingy twist.

Caramel toffee brownies

Do you love your warm brownies with a scoop of ice cream? Here’s how you can enhance this combination further. When your brownie batter is half cooked, pull it out and top it with your favorite toffee pieces and then put it back into the oven. While serving, place the brownie, top it with a scoop of ice cream and pour as much caramel sauce as you like. Now just dive into this heavenly dessert.

Toasted marshmallow brownies

The process is similar to caramel toffee brownies, once your brownie batter is half baked pull it out and sprinkle some marshmallows and chocolate pieces. Put the pan back into the oven and cook until done, let it cool and enjoy your soft and warm brownies with a twist.

cookie gift basket

If you are planning to bake some chocolate brownies soon why not give the recipes mentioned above a try? Include these unique brownies in your cookie gift basket and gift it to your loved ones on special occasions or bake some for an upcoming party. These brownies with a twist will surely garner you tons of compliments.