Gourmet Gift Baskets and other Bridal Shower Gifts

Being a Maid of Honor is fun and gives you an opportunity to show your love and friendship. Arrange an amazing bridal shower for your friend and her guests. Hand out some really fun bridal shower favors that they can use and remember the wedding by.

Here are 5 ideas to get you cracking.

Cookie gift boxes

Amongst all the laughter, fun, frolic, love, commitment, romance and other emotions, weddings are about sweet treats and food. The wedding cake is the ultimate indulgence, but you can’t exactly pack a slice for the guests. Cookie gift boxes are the perfect sweet treat to commemorate such an occasion. If you want to add a fun and naughty element to it, you can get the cookies made in suggestive shapes that will evoke quite a reaction.

Tea time topics

You can create mini gourmet gift baskets by packing up a tea cup with two or three tea bags and add a heart shaped tea infuser for good measure. Many variations to this gift can be made by offering different flavors of tea in one basket, or adding the same flavored tea bag in the cup. You can let your guests know what is on offer by attaching a small tag to each basket by saying things like ‘morning Ninja’, which may contain English breakfast tea in brightly colored mugs, or ‘the day dreamer’ with a white dainty tea cup and green or herbal tea, or an espresso mug for the ‘Nocturnal diva’ with bags of chamomile.

Beauty essentials

You don’t want the guests to outshine the beauty of the bride but you do want to pamper them. A cute and useful gift that the guests are bound to use can be a small manicure kit. It can contain small bottles of hand cream, hand scrubs, nail polish, and other nail art that has been monogrammed with the bride’s initials. To increase the fun element you may want to throw in a few temporary tattoos that read ‘Team bride, bride tribe’ or any other such words to show the support and well wishes of the guests.

Candles and stand

Weddings should remind people of love and help turn up the romance. Candles help set the mood right and are therefore ideal bridal shower favors. Candles too can be incorporated with the monogram of the bride or even the bride and grooms’ initials. These wax creations are malleable and come in wide range of shapes, colors, and scents. If you want you can add a pretty candle stand and complete the set, which guests can use after the wedding is over.

Go green and earth friendly

More people are becoming environmentally conscious and use their weddings as a medium to create awareness about the causes they are passionate about. If you are the Maid of Honor to such a bride, it is a good opportunity to show your support by giving the guests environmentally friendly gifts such a mini herb garden, or a small watering can that is filled with seed pouches of different plants that the guests can easily plant in their homes.