I started a job exactly one year ago tomorrow and the only way I could keep from quitting a few weeks in, was to tell myself and my boss that I would be leaving at the end of a full year commitment.

I felt misplaced and uncomfortable. My circumstances made me feel frustrated, cynical, and incredibly pessimistic

Inevitably, the painful transition period passed, I found my groove, and I learned some things about myself.

As a woman of my word and a seeker of adventure, I am quitting this job that I’ve just recently found my flow in.

Just like we see in the movies, the place I once couldn’t wait get out of, now holds a piece of my heart.

For the things I’ve learned, skills developed, and connections made, I’m grateful. I wonder sometimes if I’m making a mistake by leaving, but I think the position and I will grow more as we part ways.

Sometimes we go through open doors that seem like a mistake but end up like a furnace, making one maleable for new possibilities.

There were countless days and nights full of frustrated, ugly tears, headaches, neck pains and forced determination just to keep doing the next thing I knew how to do.

I can’t say I’m the best person for this job, but I can say this job has made me a better person.

Onward and upward.