Publicizing Ke$ha — how PR can shape the entirety of one’s image

A couple years ago, there was information spreading around the internet like wildfire that Kesha Rose Sebert (Ke$ha) had a near perfect SAT score of 1500. I looked a little more into it, and it turns out that this is actually true. Ke-dollarsign-ha actually is very good at taking standardized tests.

Whether or not she is very smart, well that’s a whole other conversation regarding standardized tests and intelligence that could go on for days. However, the real question is, if Ke$ha is seemingly so smart, why are her lyrics so dumb?

“Party At A Rich Dude’s House” by Ke$ha (lyrics)

I would like to believe this is because of her PR strategy. So maybe Kesha Sebert doesn’t have the best singing voice? Well, let’s just give the public fun, catchy songs to sing along in the car to. Do the lyrics matter? Nah. Does her look matching the lyrics matter? Yes. If Ke$ha didn't match her image to her music, it would make no sense to her fans. How could she sing about “not giving a shit” and dancing until her pants fell off if she was the epitome of elegance and class?

It’s all about image for Ke$ha and she can thank her success to her publicist and PR team. They took her from a normal high school girl, in trending high school fashions, to one of the biggest names in the music industry, with the most outlandish outfit choices. The full transformation of Ke$ha can be viewed on Seventeen’s article. By 2009, Ke$ha was at her pinnacle of eccentricity. Her publicists even created her most well-known look (and money making Halloween costume) with the blue glitter under her eye.

Again, I cannot express how important PR planning was in creating the Ke$ha we all know and love (or hate to love) today. As the slideshow portrays, Kesha Sebert has tamed down her style and even her music significantly. However, she would’ve never been able to go back to dressing how she wanted to if it weren’t for her initial unusual image. She had to make a name for herself and get her music to the world somehow, and public relations was the perfect way to do just that.