BOOK REVIEW: You are a Badass: By: Jen Sincero

Victoria D'Ariano
Jun 22, 2017 · 3 min read

By: Victoria D’Ariano

I am in a place in my life where I ready and open for change, for growth. I am ready to leap into that scary place and chase my dreams. I have been reading self-help books to get advice to allow this growth to happen. A friend recommended this book and after I saw the title and read the summary of the book online, I was instantly drawn in; I wanted to be a badass at life.

I have read a few other good self-helps books but nothing has ever been able to resonate the way this book did. After reading just one chapter I was hooked. Jen had me thinking and feeling extremely optimistic about this book being a key factor in the type of growth I was seeking.

I think what makes this book so special is that it is so real. A friend of mine mentioned that when he read this book he felt as if Jen was in his head, and I can relate to that feeling completely. She makes sense of everything and I mean everything you do and think of. It is like wow, I get it…that’s why I am like this, or doing this, or not doing this…it all makes sense.

She is real and relatable. I think this is key in finding a great self-help book. It is hard to take advice from someone who talks down to you, doesn’t have any experience with this, or doesn’t show that they too are normal and have had to overcome things. Jen explains her own stories and struggles and makes you feel comfort knowing that yes, she too had struggles but rose above them. She allows her “vulnerabilities” to be shown to help others. She practices what she preaches, and it works.

She ties in spirituality. I am learning to become more spiritual and I love how everything she talked about she tied spirituality into it. She talks a lot about source energy, how to higher your frequency and how to have the universe on your side for achieving your goals. Also provides tips on how to achieve this.

She is funny, perhaps outspoken, but in the best way possible. Often when you read these types of books they can be quite dry. The information can be so boring that it can discourage you from reading it all together and potentially learning valuable information from it. She captures humor and sarcasm in a bright, optimistic and engaging way. She makes these problems seem smaller by adding humour which allows us to acknowledge that perhaps the problems we think are huge, aren’t quite as bit as we thought. She does swear, so if you have a problem with that, perhaps this isn’t your book.

She gives you advice and the tools to improve. Often these books provide a lot of great insight into what are the barriers that are causing us to be held back in life, but often they don’t provide tools or exercises to overcome them. Jen provides a lot of great exercises throughout the book to help work towards your goals. I highly recommend putting all the exercises she explains into practice to get the most out of the book.

The thing I loved the most about the book is how much she reinforces the need to find self-love to be successful. She finishes off each chapter with a note about loving yourself. As someone who is on a path to find self-love, these notes really resonated and encouraged me. Overall I would give this book a 5 out of 5 and I highly recommend it to anyone who is truly ready to unleash their inner, badass self and live the life they truly want.

I will be reading this book again, perahps a few more times…or 15.

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Writer of all things about me: my mental health, body-image thoughts and the journey to find self-love 🌸

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