My Thoughts on Competing in Bodybuilding

My thoughts on competing?

I think people assume since I have taken a step back and a different direction that I have negative thoughts and feelings towards competing and those who do it.

First off, this couldn’t be further from the truth. At one point competing brought me joy and happiness. I stopped competing because it was no longer healthy for ME. This doesn’t take away from those who still compete as it likely brings them happiness. I have a fiancé who competes and always help and support him. I have many friends and even clients who compete and I also support and are happy for them as competing makes THEM happy.

I took a step back not because I disliked the sport, but because I disliked the emotional distress and unhealthy behaviors I was having. I no longer felt happiness from competing and that is only a reflection of me needing to change, not anyone else.

I still workout and eat healthy as those are things that still do make me happy. I have been active my whole life and it’s always been something that helps me mentally. Competing got to a point that it was taking away my love for working out and eating healthy and was no longer healthy for ME mentally or physically.

I see so many people, Regan included who handle competing so well. They genuinely love it. I remember that feeling, but I no longer felt that way. To do well you in this sport you must be obsessive over it, you will lose balance…that is part of it. However, it was becoming self-destructive for me and that is why I decided to take a step back NOT because I don’t like the sport OR have anything against those who compete.

It came down to two options: to continue competing as this is what my followers and friends expected of me, OR I could choose to be true to myself and follow what my heart was telling me despite upsetting some. I chose the second, and it has been the best possible decision FOR ME.

Not everyone will understand your decisions, not everyone will like the fact that you have changed, but what is important is that you are HAPPY (mentally, physically and emotionally).

When you quite the outside noise you are able to listen to your heart and exactly what you are supposed to do. -Victoria D’Ariano

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