An Advocate for Youth: Why I Support the Amy Winehouse Foundation

As a recovering addict, I know the importance of education and teaching others about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. My own story includes fighting a losing battle against drugs during my teenage years. That is why I believe that it is so important to educate teenagers and young adults about how easy it can be to find yourself as an addict. I am a fierce supporter of the Amy Winehouse Foundation because of their main goal is to erase the stigma around young people and educate them about addiction.

Her grieving family and friends established and named this foundation after famous singer and songwriter, Amy Winehouse, who tragically lost her battle to addiction in 2011. Amy was only 27 when she died and was on a musical career path that was rising every day. Her death made an impact worldwide as people mourned the loss of a great talent that was cut short by addiction.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation began the same year that Amy died in an effort to prevent addiction in young people. They strive to educate and reach those disadvantaged young people who are vulnerable to the world of addiction. Through education, caring for women and music the Amy Winehouse Foundation is definitely making a difference.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme focuses on reaching high schoolers with the education to understand and better prevent substance abuse. Over 230,000 students in 250 schools across England have received this specialized training that is delivered by trained and accredited volunteers. These volunteers are incredibly effective as they share their personal stories of addiction to help educate students, parents, and teachers who attend the program. Through the power of sharing their personal stories, these volunteers are truly touching lives with their vulnerability to open up about their personal experiences.

I also love this foundation because it holds true to the values that Amy held during her life. Amy’s Yard is an intricate part of the overall foundation mission that allows budding young artists to use Amy’s own music studio. Aspiring musicians ages 18–25 go through a 12 week program to help develop their musical talent. Artists get to work with professional producers and follow in Amy’s own footsteps as they grace her music studio.

Amy’s Place is a ground breaking part of the Amy Winehouse Foundation that is a recovery home for those women ages 18–30 after they leave treatment. I know that having a strong support system is imperative to overcoming addiction and this amazing home is a great transition for women who are working to re-enter everyday society. Amy’s Place is an extremely important part of the foundation and I believe that it is making an incredible difference in the lives of those who are overcoming addiction.

Overall, I have been very impressed by the Amy Winehouse Foundation and their efforts to keep Amy’s spirit alive through the power of education, music, and specialized care for women. Having foundations like this has not only helped those women currently battling addiction but also prevents addiction through the power of educating young people. The Amy Winehouse Foundation is doing an amazing amount of good in this world and I am honored to be involved with their efforts to make a true change.

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