John DeVore

Dear John, thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this piece.

I do not want nor will I mention the name of the person that has forced me to spew publically. Anyone reading this knows who I’m talkng about.

I wanted to title the article Who The F..K Do You think Are!!!????

In the 71 years of my life I have managed not to scream out and bitch slap every man who disrespected me for being a woman. The number of men in my life that engaged in these behaviors is legion!

I have maintained my cool in the face of behavior that would be completely unacceptable if we actually lived in a civil society.

I am fed to the teeth with guys adoration of their effuvim. It’s not fun or funny for me or any other woman. WAKE THE F..K UP you farting, burpy, stinky mother f…kers! Jeezo Christo enough is enough!

When boys are being boys women are degraded, demeaned and dismissed and sometimes murdered. Hey guys, your behavior towards us today sucks. It always has!

And yet over the 71 years of my life I have grinned and ignored your multitude of really ugly behaviors-because I had to.

Yeah, you heard me, I had too!

I was much smaller than you when I was a kid and you continually beat me up and teased me into a fury frustrated tears.

Of course you were just boys being boys. It was just a phase.

Sure buddy, tell me another one.

I had to grin and bear it because women in my generation were supposed to get married and become mothers “Be pretty and pliable girls or you might miss the matrimonial ship.” A big lie started by men.

I had your children and needed your participation and protection so they could be well looked after. I learned how to compromise and co-operate so the whole family didn’t go down in flames.

I got quieter and quieter until I was convinced that there was nothing to complain about.

I got older and looser and you surreptiously looked in other directions for your ego and your pecker to be messaged.

Jesus, Joseph, Mary and the cat on the hill! Do you really think you got more attractive as your butt sagged, your teeth yellowed, your bowelish eruptions became more frequent and your skin became drier and drier as your dick became softer. Talk about denial on a mammoth scale, shit howdy!

This boys will be boys bullshit ain’t gonna fly anymore with this spicy old doll.

I am soooooooo angry right now.

If anger were people I would be China!

Before I turn into a steaming heap of hatred I will stop writing this rant and leave you with a little story that about sums it up.

My mothers friend Bernce always said, “ Men! Can’t live with em’, can’t shoot em.’

Whenever she said this my mom would howl with laughter.

Mommy always carried this a little pearls handled Derringer in her purse, for safety dontcha’ know.

The only reason I’m not in the clink today is that I have never touched a weapon in my entire life and I certainly would never consider any form of violence as a remedy for your behavior.

Lucky you.

More to follow…

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