The Red Head Hitches A Ride

Chapter 4 — Adios Me Amigos

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I was within a couple of days of leaving Taxco when Juan and Maria started wringing their hands about my means of getting to Acapulco.

I had planned on taking La Fletcha Roja to my destination.

They invited me to come down to their apartment for what I can only call a little “Come to Jesus meeting.”

They told me that they, in good conscience, could not let me take La Fletch to Acapulco. They said that it was not good for me considering my health crisis of the last two weeks.

They pointed out that I was very thin and that my face looked gaunt and drawn. Maria thought I should stay for at least two more weeks to assure that I would be in good enough health to travel, but I was adamant about moving on. My friends were waiting for me.

Then she said they had a plan.

They had contacted an ex-pat woman friend of theirs that lived not far from town. They had asked her if I could ride with her on her next trip to the coast.

They said she would be happy to do this.

She had heard of my death defying ordeal at their hotel.

It was a small town at that time, so I am assuming that everybody talked to everybody in the way that small town communities do.

I said yes I would take a ride from their friend.

I was told she and I were to leave in two days.

The woman showed up at the hotel in this snappy little yellow VW bug of indeterminate age.

She unfurled her body out of the little car and came into the lobby in long athletic strides.

Her name was Deborah. She looked to be in her late forties and she was a very handsome woman.

She was pushing 6' and had a long lanky body.

She was a sight to behold!

She was tricked out in a woven Mexican skirt that had stripes of gold, yellow, green and purple running through it. She had on a white blousey shirt that had beautiful and intricate embroidered edges of multiple colors on the neck and cuffs.

She was wearing masses of silver jewelry.

Silver necklaces with large purple and green stones on them. The stones were captured in very high bezels that made them stand out from the necklaces themselves. She had four or five of them on and they jumbled together like thick jeweled silver snakes.

She had long heavy silver earrings that chimed elegantly when she moved her head.

On her head was a thick chignon which was the color of deep gold with ribbons of white running through it.

But her rings, oh my god her rings.

They looked like big silver nuggets that were large, chunky and fabulous!

On her long slender hands she wore three on one and four on the other. One of the four was a thumb ring of mammoth proportions. All of the rings had large opaque stones that were also clutched in high hammered bezels. The stones in those rings ran the gamete in jewel tone colors.

Her long thick fingernails were sporting dark red nail polish.

She was a huge presence that filled that little lobby with the exotic air of someone carrying the mystery of the ages.

When she spoke she had this strong husky voice that sounded like Lauren Bacall. Gritty velvet is how I would describe it.

She strode over and crushed me in her arms and suddenly I was enveloped in clouds of Shalimar and something spicy I couldn’t identify.

She smiled showing me long straight rows of large, slightly yellowed and somewhat horsey teeth.

She looked me up and down and in her basso profundo voice said “ My god, you’re nothing but a child and a skinny one at that!”

She had a slight German accent.

I was in the presence of a Wagnerian goddess sans the horn hat and blond braids.

I had packed my things and had them ready in the lobby, ready for transport.

I went to the lobby desk and made motions to pay for my room.

“ No, no, no senorita you have been our guest, you are part of our family now, we would never charge you.”

I looked at him in stunned silence as tears came to my eyes.

I told him I could not go without paying them, after all they had housed, fed and cared for me in the midst of my terrifying health crisis.

He put up his hands and said “No,’ no senorita Victoria, I cannot take your money.”

I broke down in tears.

Then I remembered how much he liked my Navy pea coat.

It was on top of all my gear. I walked over, picked it up and put it in his hands and he then he broke out in tears!

I had nothing to give Maria and then I remembered my pearls. I had carried them in my pack for good luck.

I scrounged around in the bottom of the pack and felt the green velvet bag I carried them in. I plucked it out and placed it in Maria’s hands and then we were all awash in tears.

Maria knew they were my mothers as I had shown them to her once. She knew what they meant to me and tried to push them back in my hands. I wouldn't take them.

She hugged me and patted my face and said “ You are my sweet American daughter and I will keep them forever!”

More tears.

Finally it was time to leave so I packed my stuff in the car.

Out of the car window I cried out “Adios mi amigos, I love you!”

The yellow Bug, Deborah and I were off like a heard of turtles .

We were on our way!

More to follow…

Chapter 5 — Sunset Supper in the Iguala Valley

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