5 Things English Majors Are Tired of Hearing

Oh, English majors. Having been an English Literature major in college, I know the struggle and y’all will always have a special place in my heart. That being said, here are some things that you as an English major might hear and become sick of hearing over the course of your college career.

1. What exactly do you plan on doing with that?

*sighs* English is surely one of those majors that has a wide range of applications for the world after college: teaching, writing, journalism, communications, freelancing, business websites, etc, etc. All of us English majors know this. It’s just that sometimes, people outside of our major might not necessarily see all of those applications.

2. Do you want to teach?

I understand that there are people in the English Education and this is in fact what they want to be doing. And they might not get tired of hearing this. But for those of us not on the education track and not wanting to teach, hearing this question can be quite tiring. There are plenty of ways for us non-education track English majors to use our degrees after graduation. Refer back to number 1.

3. Do you want to write?

Again, I know that there are people who were English majors that don’t plan on writing after college. But for people like me who are writers, it’s like a godsend when people ask us this instead of if we want to teach. (No disrespect towards the education majors. Y’all put in a whole heck of a lot of work and I respect y’all.) Again, refer back to number 1 if you’re not a teacher or a writer.

4. Can you edit my essay/email/major paper/etc?

ATTENTION ALL NON-ENGLISH MAJORS: if you ask an English major this question, you will most likely receive an eye-roll and a sigh. And there’s a chance they might very well say no. But they might say yes if they like you.

5. Don’t you want to major in something, I don’t know, useful?

*que the side-long glare of death* Like I’ve seen on social media, if you’re in an English-speaking area, don’t you think English is a pretty useful thing to study? Some of us just happen to like it better than others. And some of us have a talent and desire for studying English. And please refer back to number 1.