Bee hives

Most stay clear of them. Curiosity carries you closer. Naturally you get stung. But now you have certainty. They do hurt you. Only if you get too close.


So many have the instinct that you only should not move to stay safe and sound. To survive in case of danger. But if you stay still for too long you starve. And nothing happened whilst you were waiting.

Staying still

You can work to make a living. But then you always had enough to eat, a roof on top and then what? Chances are you never lived. You didn’t teach yourself how to. And it is beyond your imagination that one would give up security for a chance. Just a glimpse.


Pack all your things. Sell the car, contracts, rent out the flat. That’s when you take a chance. You can’t figure out what to do while your mind is constantly occupied and there is no urgency to harvest more ideas and work as hard as never before when it wouldn’t make a difference to fail. Maybe you come back in two months, have to start over again. Or not. You meet the right people and things happen.

Beyond imagination

Being too young. Too old. In someone’s eyes you are always either or. Too green for rewards and too fragile to try something. Irrelevant. Only one out of all the people needs to see what you see. It may take years. But when you get out there, try all for gaining more exposure, the likelihood of being understood is bigger. No reason to sit back and relax now. The work is not ever done.