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An eating disorder specialist’s wish for life after the pandemic

My mornings start with two cups of coffee sitting at my kitchen table hunched over a laptop and my days end slogging out chart notes and reaching out to therapists and physicians to coordinate care for my patients with eating disorders. In-between, I try to take care of myself.

Like so many things I wish to be different after we recover from this pandemic, I wish for the conversation about eating disorders to be different too. …

We already know what to do

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Photo by Ursula Spaulding on Unsplash

The knowledge I gained from a science education and 20 years of experience as a nutritionist is of little value in a culture where people want quick fixes and everyone is an expert. In 2018, the diet and weight loss industry was worth $72 billion. That’s nearly equal to the U.S. federal budget for the Environmental Protection Agency, NASA, conservation of natural resources and the National Parks, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Energy combined.

Americans are desperate for help and willing to try anything. I appreciate why people are drawn to the latest and greatest, especially when [insert diet] (paleo, intermittent fasting, keto, low-glycemic, gluten-free, local, vegan, other) is working for someone they know and have reason to trust. …


Victoria Lambert, MS, RD

Dietitian turned dirt farmer. Composting my way to a better life. Taking care of performing artists, athletes, and regular folks at

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