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Actually, I said that if a member of Hillary’s staff violated the same laws that Scavino did, I would call her administration out on that. Just as I do with Scavino. And just as I did with Al Gore, when he made campaign calls while serving as Vice President.

And the “left” really didn’t defend Bill Clinton when it came to his extracurricular sexual activities. I certainly didn’t, and I have posted as much numerous times on various ThinkProgress threads through the years. However, even though I’m personally opposed to adultery (and sex in the Oval Office falls well within the “vulgar” scale), sex between consenting adults is none of my business. And certainly not grounds for impeachment. Yeah, yeah, I know — he wasn’t impeached for sex. He was impeached for telling a lie to the grand jury. For a question he should never have been asked. The whole Clinton impeachment matter was very obviously a partisan witch hunt (he was actually impeached for “we’ve been trying to get him for years, and we finally got him!”). And considering that Clinton’s approval ratings at the time shot up from 58% to 68%, it appears a good majority of the American people thought it was nothing more than a partisan witch hunt, too. Probably why the Democrats took over the House from the Republicans that November, and Gingrich resigned shortly thereafter.

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