The argument could and has been made that Obama’s decisions and policies have sent the world to…
Nathanial Poling

Ah, but Trump HAS actually “done” something.

He’s already appointed racists to high level positions.

He’s already indicated that he has absolutely no plan to put his business holdings out of his reach during his Presidency, and has shown his intent by having his daughter (who will be CEO of his companies) sit in on his meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister.

He has already asked the Argentinian President to green-light permits for a high-rise Trump wants to build in Buenos Aires — and he did this as the President-Elect, on a call where the Argentinian President called to congratulate Trump on his win.

He has already promised to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, and has appointed only people who agree with him on climate change denial.

If Obama had done any of these things between the time he was elected and the time he was inaugurated, we would have been marching in the streets then, too.