I’d be delighted to give some sources to you.

Ah, the Pew Research figures. Frequently cited by the Muslim-haters. I notice there’s not one stat in there about attitudes and opinions of American Muslims. Yes, there are a number of countries that are predominately Muslim where many Muslims have a very conservative and narrow view of Sharia law. However, many of the Muslims who immigrate to the United States do so to escape the oppressive culture in their home countries. Furthermore, an ever increasing number of American Muslims are born and raised here, and don’t feel a connection with those interpretations at all.

You talk about Muslims in Europe a lot, and that’s probably understandable, coming from you. However, your mistake is when you equate Muslims in Europe to Muslims in the United States. There are many European cities where Muslims are harassed, held to be inferior, and ghettoized. This creates a fertile breeding ground for radicalization, and makes recruiting by groups like ISIS a lot easier. Muslims in America, for the most part, have assimilated and do not see the west as their enemy. Although I admit that Trump is starting to change that — we’ve had an uptick in hostility against American Muslims since he started making Islamophobia a cornerstone of his campaign, and this has created people like Ahmad Khan Rahami and Dahir Adan. But still, they are rare. There aren’t “hundreds” of them, and we don’t have “multiple bombings and stabbings every month”. In fact, so far in all of 2016, we have only had the two attacks from the guys I just mentioned, plus the Orlando shooting — and the Orlando shooting was done by a self-loathing gay guy who couldn’t accept his sexual orientation, who happened to be a Muslim. He was no jihadist. In 2015, there were two jihadist attacks in this country — one in Chattanooga and one in San Bernardino. Three perpetrators in total, in the space of a whole year in this country. So much for the “hundreds” you imply.

Now, about the Surah Al Anfal you pointed to. Those verses have to do with the Battle of Badr, which was the first major conflict between the early Muslims led by Muhammad, and the Meccans who were determined to keep the Muslims from coming to their city to worship. The Muslims were heavily outnumbered, but won the battle through what they believed to be divine intervention. These verses refer to a very specific set of conditions at a specific time, and are not intended to be a license to randomly kill unbelievers who have done nothing to provoke a fight. Of course, I realize that you have probably never read the Quran on your own (I have), and you rely on cherry picked verses and surahs taken out of context forwarded to you from rightwing sites.

By the way, there has not been one actual ISIS attack in this country yet. Oh, ISIS has taken credit for about four or five attacks made by “lone wolf” type attackers claiming to be inspired by ISIS, but that’s not the same. They’ll take credit for anything they can, whether they had anything to do with the ordering, planning, and execution, or not. And fortunately, because we have a large number of non-Muslims in this country who aren’t listening to Trump and refusing to be baited by his anti-Islamic rhetoric, we’re refusing to fall into the trap of harassing American Muslim citizens to the point of their radicalization. After all, if you kick a puppy repeatedly, you shouldn’t be surprised when it bites you. Any sensible person knows this.

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