I’m sorry, but these numbers from the polls of media that actively fuckup mr.
Ilya Vaiser

Ah, you’re one of the gullible ones who believe Trump when he claims that any person or entity who dares criticize him is lying to you. Well, the polls mentioned in the articles are from respected polling organizations that conduct their polls using scientific methodology. If they weren’t, I doubt that the very conservative Breitbart site would be citing them.

But let’s get back to how you have swallowed the Trump act hook, line, and sinker. Trump has used the same tried and true method that virtually all dictators, tyrants, despots, and cult leaders have used since the beginning of time. Step one — tell people that their lives suck. Step two — tell people that only he can help them. Step three — tell people that they are to trust no one but him. If anybody says anything against him, they are lying.

Trump has done this right to the letter. First, he has lied about the crime rate, the unemployment rate, the economy, the stock market, and many other things to convince Americans that their lives suck worse than they ever have. Second, he has claimed that he and only he is their salvation. To the point where he has even said the exact words, “only I can fix this”. And now he’s on the third step — doing his best to destroy America’s faith in our election processes (because his ego can’t handle the fact that he lost the popular vote, so he has to convince everyone that voter fraud is running rampant in this country), doing his best to destroy America’s faith in our judicial system (because our courts won’t allow Trump to do everything he wants, they are all activist judges who are “out to get him”), and now he’s doing his best to destroy trust in the media, because the media dares to report the truth about how things are going in his presidency. This is why he screams “fake news! fake news! fake news!” all the time.

And like a good little Trumpbot, you lap it all up obediently.

Oh, and about the “seriousness” of my sources? This is why I provided three. Including one that conservatives swear by (Breitbart). If you have evidence that white men without college degrees voted mostly for Hillary Clinton, be my guest. But since they voted for Trump in overwhelming numbers, I doubt you’re going to find credible evidence to the contrary.