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Almost everything out of Trump’s mouth regarding the metrics of our economy and our society now are lies.

Illegal immigration? The number of undocumented people in our country has stabilized over the past seven years to about 11 million. That means we’ve reached net zero on illegal immigration.

Stock market? Gone up quite a bit since Obama first took office.

Crime? Has been decreasing for years now.

Unemployment? Also has been decreasing for years now.

Military combat deaths? Only a fraction of what they were under Dubya.

Wages? We still have a long way to go before all full time workers are making a living wage, but we’re progressing in that direction.

Health insurance? We still have a long way to go here, too — but we’re about 20 million people closer to getting health insurance for everyone than we were.

And, of course, there are other metrics addressed in the article.

Trump is lucky he inherited what he did from Obama. Imagine if he had to deal with what Obama inherited from Bush…

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