Excuse me for raining on everyone’s parade, Hillary has in fact made a statement about banning guns…
mark zellers

And Australia’s gun laws are indeed worth looking into. So are the gun laws of any other country. Anybody considering gun legislation in this country has an obligation to look at all options, and this includes gun laws in other countries. Questions to be asked include:

** What are this country’s laws regarding gun ownership and carrying by private citizens?
** How is this working for them?
** What’s different about that country that might make such a law work differently in our country? (for example, Australia has no land borders with any other country, and the only way to get illegal guns into Australia is by boat or by plane — both easier to search and secure than by land — whereas in our country, guns can be smuggled in over a land border)

Saying that another country’s gun laws are worth looking at is NOT the same thing as saying, “we should do that here”.

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