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And only the creepy right would think that requiring a photo ID in order to prevent voter fraud by impersonation — a “problem” that occurs so extremely rarely as to be statistically invisible — is necessary.

Speaking of “sick” — your assumptions about black people are unfounded. Most drive. Most can afford $10 for a necessary item (apparently you miss the whole point of having to pay in order to vote is unconstitutional).

If voter fraud by impersonation is such a huge freaking problem, then why not just ask voters to present their voter registration cards? You have to be a registered voter to get one, the information on them exactly matches what’s on the voter rolls, and as it’s mailed to the address on the registration, nobody is inconvenienced by them. Which is exactly why they are unacceptable to Republicans. This whole exercise by Republicans is to find ways to discourage (if not outright disenfranchise) voters who are perceived to vote mostly for Democrats.

And you know it. So stop with the BS.